Social, economic and environmental

Le Terre Tinte


We produce extra virgin olive oil beginning with endemic varieties, cultivated in a mosaic of parcels scattered throughout western Sicily. Sustainability is not just a word for us; it is a SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, and ENVIRONMENTAL concept. Our mission is to avoid the abandonment of olive groves. We follow the entire process, from the cultivation of the olives to the delicate phase of extraction and bottling.


Cultivation, Harvest, Extraction, Storage, Bottling. -Italy has more olive varieties than any other country, with over 500. Every variety is characterized by a unique sensory profile and we work to express it to the maximum in every variety that is present in our areas of production. -Olives are a fragile fruit. During the harvest we use systems and tools that allow us to protect the integrity of the olive fruit, and we work to maintain the (low) temperature of the fruit up until the moment of oil extraction. -Oil extraction is the most delicate phase. Here, working closely with the olive miller, we decide how to extract. Temperature, timing, and techniques vary in relation to the characteristics of the fruit and the organoleptic profile that we want to obtain. -Oil has a limited life span. The process of oxidation begins the moment in which the oil is extracted and nothing can be done to stop it (unlike wine, oil does not improve with age). To slow down this process, we store our oil in vaccum-sealed stainless steel containers at low temperatures. -For bottling we choose containers that maintain the qualitative characteristics of the oil unaltered for as long as possible, and that have the lowest environmental impact possible.


Everything began in July 2015 when, partly as a challenge and partly due to madness, we decided to cultivate some miniscule family olive groves in Sicily. Everything was new for us, and the oil produced in these marvelous lands seemed incredibly good. We soon realized that we could make it even better, improving its aromas and its taste. We applied the concept of a “wine menu” to our oil! We learned that a truly tasty extra virgin olive oil isn’t so common, even in lands of production like Sicily. Should we do something about it? A Sicilian and a Belgian?


Beyond becoming passionate about cultivating olives, we created solid collaborative relationships with other small producers. Olive cultivators who shared the same productive limits, it served us to understand that we were linked by one common denominator: producing in the “TERRE TINTE.” Producing in Sicily, working the land with others, identifying, reflecting, reinterpreting what’s there: optimizing, building, marketing. Creating an innovative appreciation for the actions and the objects of production. Being moved by a spirit of promoting our lands, socioculturally and economically.


Altofonte (Palermo)
Nocellara del Belìce
Piano Maglio 1
Suvarelli 2
Ficiligno 3
Vicari (Palermo)
Nocellara del Belìce
Santa Domenica 4
Vallefonda 5
Torretta (Palermo)
Nocellara del Belìce
Torretta 6